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Extinguishing the remaining services signed with the TailLand name

It's not stricte about DMSRV, but some of our users used this infrastructure.
The last things hosted on TailLand ends operation on 30 th of march.
It means that all email accounds, subsite to check the internet speed etc will be deleted.
As of 30.03.2024, the service of email accounts in the domain will be terminated.
Please migrate your attached web accounts to another email address and provide your new contact address to possible correspondents.
Until 30.03.2024 all other services included in TailLand hosting will be gradually extinguished.
DMSRV will stay as the previous but any TailLand services will not be moved here like during our january merging the servers. All which's now on TailLand will be lost irrevocably.

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