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Finished migration: Some servers addresses changed

We informed about migrating all things to the new machine few months ago. Our services was unawailable for some time. We migrated only one part of our infrastructure. Mean all things hosted on dmsrvv was moved to the another machine in October. Also we would like to move everything from another part of our infrastructure called TDSR here.
We wanted to merge the two servers to reduce costs. We were supposed to merge the second part of the infrastructure in March before the end of the accounting period. Unfortunately, the situation with forced us to act. For unknown reasons the domain was suspended. The migration therefore took place yesterday evening. All Teamtalk servers available under are now running under the domain on the new server. All you need to do is change the addresses in the user configuration, or update the ip address of the server if you have your own domain attached.
All servers previously operating on tdsr are now operating under the address Only the domain has been changed. The ports are the same as on the previous server.
Please also note that if you experience any problems with the operation of the services after the migration, please contact us at pikselnet404 at gmail dot com. Have a nice day.

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